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5-Weeks Basics

 Natural Posture for Pain-Free Living




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4-Part Class Series (not scheduled at this time)  

Class #1:  Back Ease Basics

Learn to protect your back and ease strain by relying on an aligned framework and a solid core.

This class focuses on ways to release tension and pain in the back by re-establishing the natural framework of skeletal support that all healthy babies and toddlers discover. We will be emphasizing how to sit on an aligned pelvis that allows comfortable sitting, while lengthening out the spine at the same time.


Meet Your Feet - Alignment Workshop in Portland OregonClass #2:  Meet Your Feet

The way we habitually stand on our feet determines their overall health, as well as the alignment of all the weight- bearing joints above them—ankles, knees, hips and shoulders. This class also focuses on standing and walking in ways that reinforce this natural alignment, while establishing the legs and feet as the transportation system of the body, thereby allowing the upper body to be relaxed and free of unnecessary tension.


Real Core Abs Alignment Workshop in Portland OregonClass #3:  Will the Real Core Abs Please Stand Up?  


There’s lots of confusion today about “the core.” Our focus will be on that essential core that babies and toddlers discover, meant to serve for a whole lifetime of stabilizing the spine in a relaxed upright posture. You’ll learn ways to reinforce this strong solid core, and then how to lie down, rest and sleep—even read in bed—without strain.


Shoulder and Neck Alignment Workshop in Portland OregonClass #4:  Comfy Shoulders, Happy Neck 

Once a solid foundation of support is established from below, then (and only then) can the neck and shoulders be free from having to overwork. Learn how to address issues of kyphosis and “dowager’s hump” and how to peacefully balance your head on top of the spine rather than experiencing it as a heavy bowling ball you’re struggling to hold up.


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