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Comfy Shoulder Band — Shoulder Pain Relief

Shoulder pain relief while working at a computer or meditating. Comfy Band reminds your shoulders, upper back and neck how to be naturally aligned, while also training your “core.”

Great for computer work       —       a supportive aid for meditation

You’ll be sitting pretty!

Comfy Shoulder Band places your shoulders in a naturally aligned position that allows muscles to relax. When following the directions, it also engages your “core,” those muscles in the abdomen and back that support your torso and allow your shoulders to release chronic tension and pain.

Made of soft, plush elastic, the Comfy Shoulder Band provides gentle upright support while sitting at a computer or meditating, while re-training the body to remember what it once knew—how to be naturally, comfortably aligned.

Features of the Comfy Shoulder Band

  • Soft, plush elastic
  • Adjustable size
  • Ideal for computer or desk work
  • A useful meditation tool
  • Easy to use anywhere

Watch video:  How to Use the Comfy Shoulder Band

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