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The Wedge™ Back Pain Relief Cushion

The Wedge™ Back Pain Relief Cushion provides comfort on the go!

The Wedge™ is a small, portable sitting cushion that will save your back!


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The Wedge™ is a small portable back pain relief cushion that supports a comfortably relaxed upright spine. Made of non-skin material and filled with buckwheat hulls. Designed to slip in behind the pelvis (much like a doorstop), The Wedge helps “park the pelvis” in the natural position that all babies find when learning how to sit up with a naturally-elongated spine. Itʼs hard to believe that something so small accomplishes so much!


Simple to use, The Wedge is small enough to fit in your bag and can be taken anywhere—to a yoga class, movie, concert or sporting event.

Use The Wedge while working at your computer, practicing yoga, driving your car or while simply sitting around with friends. The Wedge does not preclude you from leaning back onto a backrest. In fact, it helps make leaning back a comfortable way to stretch out your lower back. Refer to the included instructions to learn how.


Features of The Wedge

  • Small & easily portable
  • Heavy-duty, non-skid material
  • Waterproof / Wipeable
  • An affordable alternative to expensive ergonomic equipment
  • Filled with recycled rubber “sand.”

PLEASE NOTE that the The Wedge, Travel Wedge and Yoga Wedge are all the exact same cushion packaged differently with instructions for each particular use.  Wondering which one to get? No worries there since, included with the purchase of any Wedge, are instructions for using all three! In other words, buy The Wedge, and learn how to also use it on an airplane, bus or train. Take the same Wedge along to your yoga class, and closely follow the instructions specific to how to use it to help save your back while forward bending. It’s kind of like getting three for the price of one!


Buy The Wedge - Back Support Cushion at AmazonBuy the Wedge - Back Support Cushion with Paypal


Comments from happy customers:

“This little wedge was the solution for eliminating the lower back and shoulder pain I was getting from sitting long hours at my computer and on an airplane ! It’s very well made (in the USA), small enough to easily carry on an airplane, and because of it’s black cover and size, it’s unobtrusive sitting on your desk chair. It’s also extremely comfortable to sit on for long hours IF you follow the instructions about ‘walking’ up onto the edge of the wedge.”   Kay

“I have been using the Wedge for over a year as I sit in front of a computer screen for 10 hours or more each day. The Wedge has helped eliminate back pain and acts as a reminder of the importance of a healthy spinal alignment. I like that I can take it with me too. It is a super product and I do not notice any wear after sitting on it for somewhere around 4,000 hours. Hard to beat such a portable and important device…”     W. H. Sammons

“I have used the wedge for a few patients in the past couple of weeks and have gotten great feedback from these three women regarding back pain. One woman in particular was having radiating pain down the back of her leg while driving. Sitting on the Wedge in the car immediately took this pain away. I also use the wedge at home with my family. For the first time, we are able to get our young kids to sit at the table without slouching on their elbows or constantly squirming. Great, simple product!”    Dr. Travis J. Elliott

“I have taken posture classes with Jean Couch at Balance center in Palo Alto, and learned the importance of “parking” the pelvis. However, for me to sit comfortably with an aligned spine requires some prop. Among the many props I have tried, the Wedge is by far the best. I use it to sit at the table, in the car or on a bench. It is very portable and provides great support. For the Wedge to be most beneficial, please do follow the instruction or watch Kathleen Porter’s video “How to Use the Wedge for Comfortable, Pain-free Sitting” at naturalposturesolutions.com.”     June

“I sit at my computer way too many hours every day and I find that, if I’m not careful, I get a sore back. This cushion helps me sit in a good posture and does seem to help. It’s not a miracle product or anything like that and a rolled up sock full of unpopped popcorn kernels might work about as well, but I’m glad I bought it and if I move from one desk to another, I tend to take the Wedge with me.”  William Porter

“I use this daily at work and it is very very helpful for my aching back. I still have some days when I’m stiff but a lot less since purchasing this wedge for my work chair.”   Tim

“I realized after having bad posture for most of my life that I needed to do something about it. Therefore, I started working on correcting it, and The Wedge has already proven to be a great help. If it can help me, at age 54, to correct my posture, I consider it a great item. I would recommend The Wedge for anyone who does a little or a lot of sitting.”    gma

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