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Travel Seat Cushion – Ease Back Pain with the Travel Wedge

Travel Wedge - Travel Seat Cushion for Pain-Free Travel

Buy the Travel Wedge Back Support Cushion

This nifty carry-on travel seat cushion provides back support for pain-free travel. With this travel accessory, you’ll be arriving at your destination feeling great! No more back pain, no more struggling to feel comfortable during long flights.  Whether  traveling at 35,000 feet or driving/riding in a car, Travel Wedge places the pelvis in the natural position that allows the spine to be aligned and relaxed.

Travel Wedge can also be used in your car,for desk work, watching a movie, attending a concert of sporting event. It’s small enough to take with you wherever you go. Special instructions for other applications are included with purchase of Travel Wedge.

Travel Wedge makes a great going away gift for a friend heading out on a big adventure!

If you are one of the millions of people who struggle to sit comfortably on long-haul flights, help is on the way!

Travel Seat Cushion - The Travel Wedge - Before and After


  • Travel Wedge “parks” your pelvis in the natural position for supporting an elongated and relaxed spine.
  • Travel Wedge sets up the skeleton to be able to do the job its meant to do—provide you with comfortable, relaxed support.
  • Travel Wedge is portable, lightweight, and small enough to fit in a small carry-on bag.
  •  Travel Wedge is made with heavy-duty construction, using sturdy, non-skid fabric and filled with buckwheat hulls.
  • Travel Wedge is made in the USA.

Buy the Travel Wedge Back Support Cushion


PLEASE NOTE that the Travel Wedge, Yoga Wedge and The Wedge are all the exact same cushion packaged differently with instructions for each particular use.  Wondering which one to get? No worries there since, included with the purchase of any Wedge, are instructions for using all three! In other words, buy The Wedge, and learn how to also use it on an airplane, bus or train. Take the same Wedge along to your yoga class, and closely follow the instructions specific to how to use it to help save your back while forward bending. It’s kind of like getting three for the price of one!


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