Yoga Wedge—Support Cushion


Yoga Wedge - yoga cushion for spine support

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Save your back, protect your spine, enhance flexibility and improve your posture with this simple, yet effective yoga cushion.

Yoga Wedge sets the pelvis in the position that best supports an aligned spine and enhances anyone’s ability to sit more successfully in seated poses. Sitting on the Yoga Wedge shifts the emphasis from the stretching the hamstrings to elongating the spine through the back and engaging the deep “core abs” that stabilize the spine. Over time, forward bending from this aligned center will allow hamstrings to just naturally relax and let go. Rather than imposing stretching and change on an unnaturally aligned body, the practice of yoga is best served by guiding the mechanical body to its natural “home base” from which all yoga asana (poses) can unfold with greater ease and effectiveness. Yoga Wedge is the perfect tool for assisting with this in seated positions.

  •   Small enough to fit in your yoga bag or daypack.
  •   Yoga Wedge is a great  prop for yoga studios, too.
  •   Encourages elongation of the spine while protecting the lower back.
  •   Instructional tool for understanding the importance of an anteverted (forward-tipping) pelvis in    seated forward bending.
  •  Filled with buckwheat hulls.


PLEASE NOTE that the The Wedge, Travel Wedge, Back Wedge and Yoga Wedge are all the exact same cushion with different filling and packaged differently with instructions for each particular use.  Wondering which one to get? No worries there since, included with the purchase of any Wedge, are instructions for using all three! In other words, buy The Wedge, and learn how to also use it on an airplane, bus or train. Take the same Wedge along to your yoga class, and closely follow the instructions specific to how to use it to help save your back while forward bending. It’s kind of like getting all of them for the price of one!

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