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Dear Friends,

I hope to vindicate myself for my long silence by revealing just how busy I have been!  I recently completed a new book, as well as developed and manufactured three new posture-related products in partnership with my good friend, Irene McNeely. After keeping such a low profile, I’m now stepping forward with, not one, but two Facebook pages, a presence on Linked-in, an all-new Website and a Twitter account! Now that’s a switch!

The new book is called Sad Dog Happy Dog: How Poor Posture Affects Your Child’s Health & What You Can Do About It. The products are The Wedge, a small, portable cushion to help “park” the pelvis while sitting; the Comfy Shoulder Band, an adjustable elastic strap that helps relieve tight shoulders and aids in upright sitting; and the Baby Wedgie, a small cushion that fits in strollers and other sitting devices and prevents a baby’s pelvis from tucking (sad dog!) and the spine from collapsing.  I am convinced that this early collapse begins the muscular conditioning that contributes to the slouching epidemic facing so many children today.

Check out our products, along with articles and great photos that tell the story here at our site. (You can even post comments on my blog!) Our products will be available within days at (just in time for the holidays!) and if you find this subject of interest and think it might be of interest to others, please help us get launched by passing this information along to people on your contact list.

If you are in the Portland area, I continue to offer classes and workshops that include “Alignment Basics”, “Meet Your Feet”, and “Will the Real Core Abs Please Stand Up”. I also lead a weekly mindfulness meditation gathering with an emphasis on finding the support of aligned bones for greater ease while sitting.

I would be very happy to hear from you.  I will be on the Big Island from the middle of December to the middle of January. Hooray! If you will be there, I hope to see you.

Many thanks for all the support and encouragement I’ve received from so many of you!



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  1. CONGRATULATIONS Kathleen!! Your newest book and innovative products are sure to be a hit in western society. Thanks so much for the tireless effort to contribute such a worthy message and collection of practical products for young and old alike. I sit on my wedge for many hours every day and the difference in my alignment was noticeable within a short time. Enjoy your hiatus on the Big Island, you surely earned the break!



  2. I took a five day workshop with Kathleen at Omega Institute this summer (July 2010). Phenomenal. She will be there again next summer.
    Now, whenever I notice I’m stressed, anxious, feeling grumpy, or in some other unpleasant mood state, I check out my alignment. Repositioning my bones, a matter of seconds, especially dropping my chin to the natural position, brings an immediate feeling of relief and relaxation. Go figure. My chiropractor and massage therapist are seeing a lot less of me. If this catches on, it may put me out of business.
    As a shrink, I ask myself, could some of the symptoms my patients suffer from be caused by the constant muscle tension of living in an unaligned body?
    Want to be at ease in your bod? For the rest of your life? This is the way.

  3. Katie Kellett says:

    Congratulations, Kathleen, on the launch of the site and getting the products all ready for market. It was an honor to be a product tester for you at Omega this summer. I agree with Daniela, the posture check is a great way to relieve the tension that creeps in so easily on a busy, stressful day. Sit bones in action!! Good luck with everything and have a great time on the big island–is there some hula in your future?


  4. Ronald Lively says:

    I’m not a fast reader, but I know I’m on the right path for my knees, 75years young and still walking 2-3 hours a day in Cuenca Ecuador, just finished a 1 mounth vacation in Europe, but I experance a lot of pain,71ins and 160lbs is it possible that posture is a part of my booleged problem.
    Thanks Ron

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