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The secret to living on The Wedge?  PHYSICS!


It’s a secret worth telling—the reason this small, simple cushion is so effective in helping people sit comfortably and pain-free. It’s also the reason I spent years wishing such a cushion existed. Once I began wishing this out loud, The Wedge was born.

The original Wedge was filled with buckwheat hulls, making it lightweight and a perfect fit for a backpack or carry-on bag. Today it’s called the Travel Wedge. Our other signature product is simply The Wedge, filled with heavier-duty rubber “sand” that’s made from recycled tires. This one is typically found on a desk chair or the front seat of a car (ever notice how most car seats dip down in the back?). All the Wedges are interchangeable, however, and work great in almost every sitting situation—provided, of course, the instructions are carefully followed.

How our Wedges work is quite simple, really. The pelvis is designed (please don’t ask by whom) to be positioned in a gentle forward tilt that sets the correct angle of the platform at the top of the sacrum, on which the spine sits. Without this specific angle of support, the spine is misaligned, forcing straining muscles to compensate. For some people, the simple fact that The Wedge helps them sit more comfortably is good enough; there’s nothing more to know. For others, understanding a few simple details about the role of the pelvis as the foundation of support, can come in handy. If this makes you want to keep reading, this blog post is for you!

It’s useful to understand why and how this little cushion is so effective, and the images below tell the story.

The pelvis sets the stage, quite literally, for the integrity and health of the spine and everything else above it.

Yes, it’s true that we humans are living, breathing creatures that move around (and do lots of other things), all of which makes us very different from inanimate architectural structures such as houses and skyscrapers. Still, our bodies are ruled by the same exact natural laws as buildings, and our skeletons are made to align along the vertical axis of gravity.This is a key feature of your skeleton’s role as your underlying framework of support, and it’s something all well-developing babies and toddlers figure out on their own when teaching themselves how to become upright.

Since humans are upright critters, you could say that having a human body is much like living in a pole house. 

Without an aligned foundation to support vertical “poles,” the entire structure is thrown off kilter.

It’s an overlooked fact that much of the current epidemic of pain is caused by basic structural misalignment. 

The point of this post is to help you understand the importance of natural skeletal alignment and the role a small, simple cushion can play in helping to support youwhile you work at your computer, drive a car, watch a movie, sit in a classroom, attend a concert or sporting event, or engage in just about any other activity that requires sitting. Special mention should be made related to the use of The Wedge for meditation: The Wedge can be quite useful when sitting on the floor, but only if your hips are comfortably “open” enough for your knees to rest on the floor. The Wedge works really great, however, if you sit on a chair while meditating. 

Watch the Video “How to Sit on The Wedge

You can also read product reviews from a sampling of our happy customers.

Each review is verifiable by clicking the link on the review. While The Wedge doesn’t work for everyone in every instance, my experience has shown that when someone reports The Wedge is too hard or is uncomfortable in some way, it is almost always because they are using it wrong, with their pelvis not tipped “forward” enough. Think of The Wedge as an angled doorstop that comes in from behind, in order to tip your pelvis forward. And, of course, The Wedge is fully refundable, whether it is purchased directly from us or from Amazon.

I hope you found this helpful. If this information has inspired your interest, there’s a ton more information about all this in my book Natural Posture for Pain-Free Living.

Wishing you Happy Sitting!

Kathleen Porter is a posture and movement coach. She is the author of Natural Posture for Pain-Free Living: The Practice of Mindful Alignment (Inner Traditions, 2006 & 2013) and Healthy Posture for Babies and Children (July 2017). She has traveled the world researching and observing populations who live in naturally aligned bodies and who move, work and age with ease. She is the creator of UpRightNOW, an online program she is developing for adults and children alike, and her company Natural Posture Solutions manufactures several small posture aids.




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