Today is a big day for Natural Posture Solutions as we launch our new e-commerce website: www.SitOnTheWedge.com. This site is set up with a shopping cart that makes it easier than ever to order any of our five products, all of which can now be ordered directly from us!

Back Support Cushion - The Wedge

The Wedge is designed to help eliminate back pain and promote healthy sitting habits.

  • The Wedge – Designed to help eliminate back pain and promote healthy sitting habits.
  • Travel Wedge – Small and portable so you can sit with ease when you travel by car, train, or airplane!
  • Yoga Wedge – A great prop to protect your spine while enhancing your ability to achieve yoga postures.
  • Comfy Shoulder Band – Gain ergonomic comfort at an affordable price. Ideal for computer work, sitting and meditation.
  • Baby Wedgie – Prevents unnatural backward tilting of the pelvis caused by many strollers and other sitting devices.

Each product is designed to assist with some aspect of sitting, especially learning how to sit with greater comfort and ease. Detailed instructions not only explain how to use each product for greatest benefit, but, also, how to be supported by naturally aligned bones as discovered by all healthy toddlers everywhere. This is the biggest secret to pain-free living today and comfortable aging tomorrow.

The launching of the website also coincides with a re-vamping of my blog. I’ll be posting regularly about all things related to natural skeletal alignment; what it is, how it works, why it matters—along with useful tips and interesting stories.

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Please spread the word about what we’re up to–it will be greatly appreciated! Our products are very popular as gifts—to family, friends—and ourselves!

More to follow soon, but in the meantime,

Happy Sitting!

One Response to “Our New Posture Shop – Sit on the Wedge!”

  1. Ronald Lively says:

    Hi I like your easy 5 stepts to pain-free sitting, I am bowedleged with knee pain looking for a fix without surgy. I will have to admit that since I found my sitbones they don’t feel so good, but I found them two days ago.
    Thanks Ron

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