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Pain-Free Solutions


If you have been wanting to receive more instruction in the basics of Natural Alignment
but don’t have access to a teacher or classes, this is for you—no matter where in the world you live!


Some of you already know that I, along with two women friends, have embarked on a strange and exciting adventure—crowdfunding! I never would have imagined it, but it turns out that those people who wish to enroll in UpRightNOW, my upcoming course of online video tutorials, are funding its creation by pre-purchasing lifetime access to the course at a drastically reduced (70% off) price. And it’s working! Almost 60 people have signed up in the first few days, including a number of health professionals, demonstrating that our body’s natural alignment is finally becoming more widely recognized and is taking root! We raised 40% of our goal in just 6 days, with a month still to go!


A Program for Adults and Children of all ages


UpRightNOW will provide tools for adults and children to know how to inhabit their bodies with natural solid strength, pain-free comfort, and flexible ease. Phase 1, while geared to adults, will include tips for how to share these concepts with children. Phase 2 will expand into a program specifically for children of all ages and will include classroom curriculum guides, animated videos for the youngest learners, and production of a comic book for older children. Obviously, I will need help with these!

Video tutorials will demonstrate how to apply natural body mechanics and movements to many common daily activities—bending to tie shoes, sitting at a computer, lifting a heavy box, running a race, even best positions for sleeping. Due to a growing reliance on car seats, strollers, poorly designed furniture, too much time spent sitting and such, structural collapse has become the “new normal,” resulting in a host of pain problems and injuries in adults and children.

Until recently, this understanding was overlooked in our part of the world, where the focus is almost solely on muscles—we work to strengthen them if they are weak, and stretch them if they are ”tight,”—while ignoring the role of an aligned skeleton (the bones to which the muscles attach!) in determining whether those muscles are naturally elastic vs. tight or weak in the first place.

If you struggle with chronic pain or stiffness in your joints and nothing else has succeeded in bringing lasting relief—or maybe you’re simply concerned about your posture and how you look and feel as you’re aging, then this course is for you! Visit our campaign page and sign up in advance for super savings! The course will be available in early 2018.

And if you’re inspired by our mission, here are some ways you can support our effort:

Share the link with your friends on social media; https://igg.me/at/UpRightNOW

Tell someone who might be interested in this that the pre-paid cost of the course is 70% off what it will be after the campaign ends;

Donate to the campaign, if that works easily for you (we’ve got lots of great “perks,” including the course, of course : )

Thank you!! Your interest in this is greatly appreciated!

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