Bring an end to a long list of pain problems! Back pain, hip, knee, shoulder, neck and foot pain often disappear  when we learn how to be supported by aligned bones, as intended by the natural human design. Learn to be pain-free by returning to the relaxed, easy upright posture all healthy babies discover when learning how to sit up, stand and walk.  This can be learned and put into practice by almost anyone—from 7 to 107! We offer books and posture aid products that will start you on your way to feeling comfortable and free from pain once again, along with classes, workshops and private sessions to help guide you back to your comfortable, pain-free self.

At 67, I was experiencing neck, shoulder, and knee pain that worsened with age and seemed chronic.  Taking Kathleen Porter’s 5-Week Alignment Basics workshop changed my life.  The pain melted away, along with what felt like a lifetime’s worth of stored tension.  I began performing life’s daily activities—bending, stooping, climbing stairs, reading in bed—in total comfort again.  Thank you, Kathleen!      – Martha Ragland

NEW! Sad Dog, Happy Dog! Christiane Northrup, M.D. says of Kathleen Porter’s latest book,  “…a must read for everyone who cares about children. This book is an eye-opening godsend!” Learn more | Buy the book

wedge chair cushion for back pain


NEW! Wedge back support cushion — The little cushion that makes a big difference!  Find relief from pain while sitting. Learn more | Buy the Wedge

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